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Talent Management

The key to having the best p talent is to have a consistent process in place  that's  aligned to the organizations needs. 

“People will be at the forefront of strategy and talent management will be a critical component part.” 

Turner & Kalman


  • Permanent & Temporary Recruitment

  • Jobs Descriptions & Job Postings

  • New Hire Onboarding & Orientation 

  • Background and Pre- screening

  • Career Fair Representative 

  • Contract Agreement Assistance

  • Salary Negotiations

  • Job Descriptions & Job Postings

  • Social Media Branding

Retention & Training

It's a challenge to find the right talent for an organization, and even more of a challenge to retain them.  At Niche Unlimited we help our clients create an employee centered environment that keeps employees engaged, developed, and rewarded for their successes. 

There is no way to spend too much time on obtaining and developing the best people.”

Larry Bossidy



  • Employee Surveys & Follow-up

  • Exit Interview

  • Work/ Life Balance program

  • Reward & Recognition program

  • Mentorship/ Job Shadowing

  • Cross-functional Training

  • Manager Training

How We Retain: